Going Beyond Customer Service to Customer Satisfaction

At Capital Group Benefits (CGB), we take great pride in working closely with our clients both pre and post enrollment. From the very first phone call, we aim to design a customized benefits package that works for the employer and employee, both in coverage and cost efficiency. After enrollment, we continue to offer personalized service to the employer and their employees to ensure we deliver everything we’ve promised. The key to our success is exceeding your expectations throughout the year.

Are you an employer looking for the best health coverage for your employees, or are you perhaps an employee looking to make the most informed healthcare decisions? Here at CGB we work with you to provide you the highest level of customer service and educated healthcare choices. Let the experts at Capital Group Benefits be your guide!

CGB’s Three-fold Commitment:

  • Comprehensive – We take great pride in examining every detail when recommending your benefits options, often using the tax code and employee benefits together for greater results.
  • Customized – We design the health insurance benefits to fit your needs.
  • Cost-effective – With multiple carriers, we can find a plan that fits your objectives – both in cost and employee satisfaction.